M A R Y    G I L L I S

Great Lakes Series  Collection of the Accident Fund, National Headquarters, Lansing, Michigan: Installation photos                   

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Inspired by the five Great Lakes, these paintings on aluminum, simply described, depict nature in concert with industrial technology.  Given their abstract form, the paintings impart a sense of the lakes cast in this 21st century, with material choices functioning thematically.  

Ontario, Superior, Erie, Huron, and Michigan - these huge volumes of water are fragile only when their ecosystems are disrupted by our doing.  Thus, elements of the paintings are painted on paper and faced by plate glass; the glass is reflective of us and protective.   We are able to see ourselves in nature and understand that it is up to us to protect our beautiful freshwater resources.

Polyurethane painted panels are industrial, cultural, and of our time.  These are automotive colors: Ford, Chrysler, Toyota...  Solid bands of color in rich hues of blue and white anchor each painting and, in ensemble with all five paintings, suggest a wave of movement.

Michigan has been much disparaged in recent times, as many in the State struggle with the effects of serious economic downturn and loss of jobs.  Yet Michigan is rich beyond measure in natural surroundings; the Great Lakes, case in point, encircle us as a freshwater halo.  

The State motto still rings true: "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you." 
It is good to be reminded of this.

copyright 2014

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